Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Monday

Mr. PEMS was so bummed to hear that I'd visited the new two story F21 with girlfriends on Saturday, that he asked if we could go back today so he could check it out.   I said "well, alright.  If you insist."  I'm so accommodating ;)

Outfit Details:

Banana Republic Cardi
Target Sequin Tank Top
Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans
Loft Ladie Open Toe Suede Booties
Nine West Cross Body Bag


  1. I love this more cas look you've got going today, and I love the pegged jeans! It is ankle-bearing time!

    You are hilarious - I suspect Mr. PEMS loves going to F21 as much as my BF loves going to Anthro or H&M with me, hehe. Actually no one loves going to Anthro with me as much as my BF. :o)

  2. Love that cardi...I bought a LOFT outlet one that color recently and the back ripped after the first time I wore weird...I haven't attempted to repair it yet though...and oh, how I wish my husband would make "requests" to go shopping lol!

  3. That's funny Lisa...but you know, if they want to go shopping, who are we to say no....right? ;) heehe

    That is strange Tara, I hope that it can be easily fixed. Actually, it can be expensive since we both like to shop!

  4. I am surprised that ON jeans fit you. They usually are huge on me (even with the smallest size). Don't you love it when men insisted to go shopping :)?

  5. Love the stripes under cardi! Plus, you've got the cutest hair so, everything looks great on you!



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  6. Your man is a trooper for sure and you are brave for going to a F21 two story store! The clothes always seem to change, even if I go within days of each other.
    Nice sparkle on the t-shirt! Love me some pah-zazz.

  7. Sydney, it was a surprise to me too, but hooray!..they fit. And, yes...I do love it when he insists on shopping ;)

    Thanks so much ML!

    Hanna, I swear it was, but insane!

  8. Love this one! That teal color was made for your skin tone and the style mix of glam and girl next door makes this outfit rock!

  9. Major kudos to Mr. PEMS for wanting to shop! LOL It makes life so much easier when our mates like or are willing to shop with us:)

    You look great- love the cardi!

  10. Thank you Bella Style!

    Annie, From the sound of your last shopping expedition, your husband is a trooper too! ;)

  11. Kitty!! So cute!

    Loving ths outfit! That Target tank looks like it is from LOFT! I would have bet my life...well, not really. :p

  12. Michelle, I ran across this tank while cutting through the children's section in Target eeons ago!....Still love it!