Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New H&M Dress / Celebrity Style Types

I just bought this dress at H&M Saturday and thought it would be fun to do a style it five ways post. 

The first two pictures are so that you can get an idea of what the dress looks like on it's own.  Then I styled it five different ways according to different style types...(I added celebrity names just because it was so much fun ;)

                                                            The dress on it's own...........
     Sienna Miller - Bohemian Hippie
Audrey Hepburn - Ladylike Classic

Kirsten Dunst - Gamine Preppy
Drew Barrymore - Artistic Eclectic
Cameron Diaz - Urban Chic

Wow!  Wasn't this fun?.....I really enjoyed it anyway.  So tell me, what style type are you?


  1. Great post Callandra! I love seeing one item styled many different ways...and this dress is absolutley adorable...I may have to go scope this one out :)

  2. wow, i love the different ways you styled this dress! i think my fave would be the gamine preppy followed by the bohemian hippie. this dress is so versatile!

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!

  3. You nailed these celeb looks! My fav is gamine preppy because well, I tend to veer towards preppy looks. I do like bohemian hippie as well for the layering. <3 this feature!

  4. callandra-- i absolutely adore how you style your oufits. i love them all!
    my fave is the last one-- very simple but uber chic.

  5. Fun! I love the Kirsten and Cameron style!

    Great dress find!! It looks amazing on you!

  6. Very cute dress - I do like the versatility factor here. Looks like the possibilites may be endless : )

  7. Love the way you style it. Especially the one with cardigan and belt. You make a ordinary dress extraordinary!

  8. I love the white eternity scarf! I love the first and last pics....

  9. This has got to be one of my favorite posts of yours. Brilliant. I LOVE every single one of them. And how fun is it to name it with a celebrity. Bravo!

  10. I love the Drew Barrymore, artistic eclectic. How is it that time and time again you pull off the jean jacket? I always cringe whenever I see it in stores but you make it look so fabulous! I love the bohemian hippie as well, the stripes and florals together is a perfect harmony.

  11. That dress is super adorable! My favorite is the "Cameron Diaz - Urban Chic". Great job styling this dress.

  12. What a fun post! This should totally be a PFC! Lol... I'm probably more of a Kirsten or Cameron, since I'm so elementary when it comes to layering, but I seriously love them all! :)

  13. Hi Tara, This one runs a bit short for my taste. I went up a size (I don't think you can tell) just to get a bit of extra length.

    Thank you Kileen....Btw, I tried to post a pic to your color brigade again and it wouldn't work this time. I'll try again, could have just been my computer.

    That was my favorite too Cee! At first I thought the artsie eclectic was my choice but now I'd have to switch it up.

    Thanks Ping, You do seem to have that downtown style thing going on, so that totally makes sense ;)

    Thank you Michelle, My fave is the Kirsten too!

    Thank you Bella Style, I think you may be right!

    Thank you Anh!!

    Victoria, That is my favorite as well, thank you!

    Jarucha, The scarf is from PacSun....they probably still have some of them ;)

    Thank you Vicky! I had so much fun doing this post ;)

    You're so artsie Hannah, I love it!

    Thanks Sydney! I should have guessed your style type right away with all of your chic streamlined looks ;)

    Liane, You know, it kind of reminded me of that PFC challenge "recreate a celebrity style look"....that one was so much fun!...I'm thinking Sydney from Petite Gorgeous hosted...?....I can't be sure actually, but I really enjoyed it!

  14. My favorite is the preppy look but the other looks were also terrific! I love versatile pieces! You did a really great job styling this dress and it's got my brain juices flowing. :)

  15. I love this dress and ALL of the ideas you give for styling it! Great post!

  16. Wow- great job! I love the Kirsten look the best..it's something I would totally wear!! :)

  17. Totally LOVE the Drew Barrymore! I just starting viewing your blog and it is now my favorite spot to view fashion. You have enviable style!

  18. Callandra--you are like a mad scientist when you layer and compile your outfits. Pure genius! I love everything. How is it that one person can pull off ALL these looks? Tell me your secret? Is it your chic short hair? Is it the way you pull off the proportions of dresses/skirts w/boots better than anyone I know? or is it that armoire that makes every outfit look great?

  19. Fun post! I just might have to go check the dress out myself. I also LOVE the wedges you're wearing in the first 2 pictures. If they're a recent purchase, can you tell me what brand they are/where they're from? They're exactly what I'm looking for.

  20. Great post, definitely a keeper dress! can you give the price info?
    I love your Audrey Hepburn jacket too. Did I see that at Nordstrom at the season-end sale..?
    Oh I just noticed, the grill/ mesh pattern on your dresser matches your blog background! How neat :)

  21. Elle, You always inspire me with your "style it 5 ways" posts, so I'm glad that I could return the favor ;)

    Thanks so much Leah!

    Thank you Annie....Gamine preppy was my favorite too!....(are we a couple of girlie girls or what?) Lol

    EBO, Thanks so much for checking me out...and what a great comment!!

    LOL Aubrey!! You've found me out...has to be the armoire!...You totally cracked me up, I love it!

    Hi Josie, The wedges are Old Navy last summer...I'm sure they can be found on e-bay if you like thrifting....btw, they run true to size ;)

    Abhitoabby, I just bought the dress at H&M so it's definitely available. The price is $29.95...I know it's high for H&M but I'm thinking I'll get a lot of wear out of it. The green trench is from the Loft.....so many years ago...I have no idea! And, thank you for noticing the pattern match...(I'm such a dork for details ;)

  22. Just came across your blog and am such a huge fan! What a great post to see how versatile you can make your style! Very inspirational :)

  23. Awsome Potpie.....thanks so much for checking me out and leaving a comment!!

  24. I meant to comment before but I absolutely love this post... I wish I had your skills for look-building.

    I would LOVE to be a Sienna Miller type, but I think I'm more of a Diaz. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose :)

  25. Thank you Erin, I had a lot of fun doing it.

  26. First of all that dress is too cute. I am eyeing some pieces from H&M this spring/summer including some of their more bohemian-type dresses, tops and skirts. I love this little polka-dot number, it's so cute and versatile and you can do so much with it, in how it's styled and obviously you proved so. You nailed every single look and every celebrity, but my most favorite two remixes are the Sienna Miller type and the Kristen Dunst type. Knowing myself I would probably style this dress more like Kristen than Sienna, however I could and would totally do Sienna's style, too. You are by far THE QUEEN OF LAYERING, BEAUTIFUL CALLANDRA. =) I'm in so much awe.