Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Not to Wear

Not my outfit............I'm just running out the door to watch a couple of episodes with Sissy.....
Which of these shoes do you guys prefer with this outfit?

Have a great weekend dear bloggie friends!

Outfit Details:

S Long Sleeve Bodysuit (Unknown)
XS Forever 21 Sweater Dress (Hemmed - No longer available)
XXS Express (minus) the Leather Moto Jacket
5.5 Loft Suede Ladie Peep Toe Booties (Similar)
5.5 F21 Gray Suedette Slouch Bootie (Similar)
Loft Necklace (No longer available)
6 F21 Blush Stone Ring


  1. In love with that necklace!! Grr that it is no longer available! :p

    Hmm...I like the second pair best. I don't like the lack of ankle/skin with the booties.

    Well done with the maxi dress!!

  2. Just like Michelle, my favorite is the second pair. It goes really well with your maxi dress. You did such a great job styling the maxi dress. Have a great weekend!

  3. I agree w/Michelle and PLG- the 2nd one :)

    I didn't know you had that moto jacket too! Looks great on you! And that necklace is super cute!

  4. Nice outfit, my vote goes to : Ladie Peep Toe Booties (2nd shoes). Loving the back style &fit of the jacket.

  5. I like that jacket a lot! It's such a great year-round color too. I agree with the other comments - 2nd pair of shoes!

  6. lol do you have the option to wear open toed shoes in february? i live in nyc so i'm going to have to say booties! :) great blog btw

  7. I like the second shoe better, it's simpler and compliments the outfit better! =)

  8. I have to agree with the others that the second pair looks better! I love that maxi dress you got on, I saw one the other day and now I'm regretting that I didn't buy one.

  9. 2nd pair of shoes because straps/skin combo goes perfectly with the wide stripes on your maxi dress. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  10. I love your jacket, and I love to see petite girls rocking long dresses! You look amazing! Oh, and I definitley like the second pair of shoes better :)

  11. Michelle...I'm still looking out for your girl...went past the Loft outlet this weekend and ran in on the off chance that they might have one of those neclaces but they didn't :( Still, might run across it on e-bay or soemting. I'll def grab it if I see one! ;)

    Sounds unanimous Sydney! Peep toe Suede Booties for sure. I really appreciate your feedback!!

    As a matter of fact Annie, you are the reason I have this moto jacket! Your post on it was so fabulous and it fit you so was so affordable...looked so incredibly chic...I could go on and on ;)

    Thanks Claud!...(I love it too obviously ;)

    Petite Mom, I agree! At first I really wanted the blush colored jacket but it wasn't available in xxs at the time. I bought the cream color as a second choice and have found it to be incredibly versatile!

    Thanks Mallory...I love them too!

    That's funny be honest, I would suffer for style as long as there's isn't snow on the ground ;)

    Thank you Jess...Thank you so much for helping me decide!

    Hanna, I never saw it in the store and now I can't find it online either. I bought the xs (smallest size available) and it really runs big and long! (I've washed and dried and hemmed ;)

    Thanks Cee, Mr. PEMS mentioned the same pattern being echoed in the shoes as well!

    Tara, I think I have a fettish for long dresses...I know they're not exactly "petite wear" but I can't seem to help myself! Thank you for helping me decide on the shoes ;)

  12. i love this express moto jacket on you and i think it's perfect with this long dress. and the booties are so cute!

    cute and little

  13. I prefer the second shoe - though I have shoes that look exactly like your first shoe! Mine are Indigo by Clarks from Piperlime.

  14. The Express jacket looks awesome! I prefer the second pair of shoes over the booties.

  15. what a cute outfit callandra. i definitely like the 2nd pair of shoes. it matches the maxi stripes. too bad its long longer available!! i'd totally wear it.

  16. Thanks Kileen...I love the moto jacket too!

    1MS, The first pair are from F21 although I'd swear I saw the exact same boot at Target on-line last week!

    Thank you Vicky...I think everyone is in favor of the second pair so far. Thank you for casting your vote too!

    Thanks Ping, I think Hanna said she saw it in the store recently....def worth checking out!

  17. they both offer different looks...but since you're covered up on top, i like the peep toes. the dress is a great color...i can picture this with some metalic/gold strappies for the warmer months!

  18. I agree with everyone, prefer the second pair. I had my eye on that same Express jacket when it was on sale, but they were out of the XXS at the time and now it's back to regular price... guess I'll have to keep holding out for a good sale/coupon!

  19. I love the booties with it for winter. i love your style. It looks like you have so much fun playing dress up in your own closet. You make me wish I was petite.

  20. WOW you are doing that maxi sweater dress - justice - by the way you wear it. The booties look almost identical, minus some fabric and some are toe-less. LOL Love both shoes here but I feel like the closed-toe booties add more to the wintery appeal. You chose the right jacket. purse and necklace for this dress, too. =)

    Please stop by and start following me, I can use all the new followers. I am a HUGE FAN of your style by the way, especially the amazing way you layer clothes by mixing and matching textures, patterns, styles and designs. =)