Sunday, February 13, 2011

H&M and Ann Taylor Outlet Finds

So for Valentine's Day Mr. PEMS surprised me by suggesting we road trip to H&M!  The closest H&M store is two hours away.  This guy is so romantic, is it any wonder that I'm so crazy about him?!
I fell in love with this orange trench in a size 2 at H&M.......Obviously it runs a bit big.  I'm thinking I'll move the buttons over and have the sleeves shortened at the tailors.  But isn't it a beautiful color?

The route to H&M takes us right pass an outlet mall, so we stopped in at the Ann Taylor Outlet and found this fabulous two tone dress!
Check out the back.  This dress is definitely out of the ordinary...I love how different it is and look at the exposed it!

Close up of the jewelry I used to glam it up.....and this pretty bright polish is a great reminder that spring is just around the corner ;)
I added a navy sweater topper for a more wintry look but I think this look will totally rock in the summer with some leopard print peep toe pumps as well.

I also found this beautiful maroon knit dress and with the in-store promotion plus a savings coupon, I was able to snag it for $18.00!  The price may have swayed me a tad, so if you guys think that it's not flattering please say so......I have 60 days to return it if need be.
If any of you want tag information for any of these items just let me know....the jewelry is all old of course, but the Ann Taylor Outlet will ship phone ordered items for free if you pay with an Ann Taylor card.

Ciao Bella Bloggers!


  1. my favorite is the two tone dress, and i love how you glammed it up with the jewelry pieces :)

  2. The two-tone dress is so pretty! I can't wait to see the many ways you'll be able to wear this dress. How much was this one?

    The maroon dress is nice too but it definitely doesn't have the pizazz of the two-tone. It looks like it fits well though so it would be a lovely piece to layer over, don't you think? For $18, it won't hurt to keep it.

  3. I love everything on you. The Ann Taylor dress is so cool and unique. Happy V-day to you and your man. What a sweetheart!

  4. Aw!! That was a very sweet idea to take you to H&M! And, yes, gorgeous color!!

    Wow! The two-tone dress is a great find! I love the zipper!! So awesome!

    How could you even think of returning that last dress?! It is so flattering on you!!

  5. Omg. I love everything! How sweet of your husband! Please do not return the maroon dress...the color is tres elegant on you. And oh that trench...of course I passed it by without a second glance, but the color and fit (minus the sleeves) are AMAZING on you. The two toned dress also fits you beautifully, and when you want to be more conservative I love that you can throw on that cardi and it almost has a kimono like look.

  6. I love your purchases! Your hubby is so sweet for suggesting the trip! bf goes shopping with me begrudingly :)

    And I'll let you know if I find the trench dress! I am so bummed that it seems to be a local thing!

  7. I like all your finds. My favorite is the two tone dress. So unique and I love the back. The maroon dress is such a steal. Definitely keep it! It fits you so well.

  8. Like everyone else, I love the two toned drress too...and the sweater dress for 18 is such a steal. Keep for sure...its versatile.

  9. im surprised the trench is so big on you b/c from the backside, it looks like it fits you so well.

    keep both dresses. I think the two tone dress is so weird, but oddly, I like it!

    Looks like you found good stuff on this trip.

  10. I saw that trench this weekend too but not in that gorgeous colour! I love the Ann Taylor dresses, the look amazing on you! Great haul :)

  11. Your man knows how to be ultra romantic, siggh! My favorite is the two toned dress, love the modernistic look to it. I say keep the maroon dress, it's a nice basic dress that you can layer a cardigan over it or brighten it up with a belt.

  12. Love all of them. Too bad we don't have an ATL Outlet where I am.

  13. love the outfits, the coat is amazing!

  14. OMG that 2 toned dress looks amazing on you! And the HM orange trench is super cute! Everything fits so nicely on you! Great finds!

  15. such fabulous finds callandara and i love every outfit. the color of the coat is gorgeous on you-- wears well with your complexion and hair color. i love the at dress too, i agree its very unique and difference. the last outfit is great too, i liked that you paired it with an animal print purse. <3 <3!!!

  16. oh and if u are planning on returning the last dress, i will happily buy it from you!!!

  17. Love the color of that trench on you! The 2 tone dress is amazing!! How great is the black front and nude back? I love it!! The maroon dress is cute but I would like to see you style it at least 5 different ways before I said for sure you should keep it. My closet is full of things that were a good price that fit me but I'm thinking I should only be buying things that I'm in love with too!!

  18. That two-toned dress is KILLER! And you look so good in it - great buy! And the trench is gorgeous too - nice to a break from the regular stone or khaki colors in a trench!

  19. Wow I love that two toned dress...I may have to go check that looks amazing on you! And I love the color of that trench :)

  20. Thanks Leena...I love adding lots of jewelry!

    Hey Petite Mom, The two tone dress was originally 109.99 with 40% off + an additional 25% it came to $49.50! A tad steep I know but it's so original....(I couldn't resist) shame face ;)

    Thank you Sydney - Happy Valentine's to you too!

    Thanks Michelle.....sounds like it might be a keeper ;)

    Thank you Jean.....for some reason I was thinking it might not be the best color for my skin tone, so I'm glad to hear you like the color for me!

    Elle, I'm putting it down to fate...I think if it was meant to be mine, then the H&M I visited would have had at least three in my size....right?!! Lol

    Thank you Cee, I really love how original this dress is for sure!

    You're right Jarucha, it looks like it will be quite versatile....

    Aubrey, I'm really loving the two tone right now, let's hope I still feel the same way in 2 years ;)

    Thank you C&P...I bought a couple of other dresses too, but haven't had a chance to take pictures yet.

    Thank you Hanna....great idea, I will have to try it with a belt!

    Thanks DCResider....I was thinking that you might be able google the AT Outlet locations...there might be one closer than you think ;)

    Thanks so much Jen!

    Thank you Annie, I really love this dress too!

    Thank you Ping...and you will def be the first to know if I decide to return that dress ;)

    You make a really good point Bella Style...I have stuff like that in my closet too! Sounds challenging too.....I'll definitely try it!

    Thanks Lisa, ...exactly what I was thinking with the trench color too!

    Thank you Tara.......In case you don't have time to run to the outlet malls, the style number for the two tone dress is 88967684. Good luck! ;)

  21. Great finds! I adore how the two=toned dress looks from the front, and what a surprise when you turned around! The bright trench is totally our style, and I'm sure it'll look much better after alterations! I'd keep the last dress for sure, so cute and a steal for $18!

  22. WOW that 2-fer dress is definitely TO DIE FOR. What a great find and I am sure at a great bargain. Love the maroonish little knit everyday dress, too. The coat is fabulous too. That is my size and I am in love with that pretty tomato color. =)